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Do you have a group that wants to get inspired, motivated, and confident to start making changes? If so, Mosaic Path delivers speeches and workshops on a variety of topics that help individuals take charge and get moving. The focus in each of these sessions is on seeing new possibilities, learning practical tools and tactics, and having fun. Here are some of the topics:

  • “Roadmap: Where’s Your Future Headed (And Who’s in the Driver’s Seat!)”
  • “What Have I Done For Me Lately?” (Career Development)
  • “Playing the Energy Game: Putting Energy to Work For You”
  • “Self-Mentoring: The Art of Talking to Yourself”
  • “Beyond SMART Goals: Goal Getting vs. Goal Setting”
  • “360 Management: Managing Yourself and Others”
  • “Thriving vs. Surviving”
  • “Check Your Bags at the Curb—Letting Go of Excess Baggage in Your Life”
  • “Left Brain/Right Brain—Combining the Two for Greater Creativity”
  • “Connections: The Art of Networking”
  • “So You’ve Gone Out on Your Own—Now What?”
  • “What’s Your Story?” (Creating a Marketing Message)

“She was an excellent presenter. Everyone was put at ease. It hit home for everyone!”
--2004 audience member

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