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Welcome to my two worlds! I’ve traveled two very interesting and different paths in my life so far. First, I spent many years very entrenched in the corporate world where I was a human resources and training manager for several large companies, including BP and PNC Bank. I certainly experienced a lot of satisfying and successful times, but after about 20 years, I found it harder and harder to feel I could really express myself, and have the freedom to spend my time on areas where I most fully used my talents and gifts.

That led to my second and very different path. You know how some people say they’ve always had the dream of being their own boss and running their own business? Well, that wasn’t me! I was sure I didn’t have what it takes to do something that daring—right up until I went ahead and did it! In 2003, I founded my company, Mosaic Path, and began the life of an entrepreneur.

Neither path has always been easy or perfect, but I always managed to find a way to make them mine, and make them work. These two experiences have propelled me to my mission of inspiring and empowering people who are traveling down similar paths to be authentic, trust their wisdom and do what I’ve done—find passion and put it to work in the world.

My Background and Credentials

  • 20 years of business experience (primarily HR and L&OD) for companies in the energy, financial, and retail industries
  • 5 years experience as a consultant, coach, trainer, and public speaker
  • Currently teach the transformational profession of coaching as a Lead Instructor for iPEC Coaching.
  • Certified Empowerment Coach
  • Accredited Business Development Coach
  • Accredited Energy Leadership Coach
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin—Whitewater
  • Memberships include: International Coach Federation, Society of Human Resources Professionals, and Empowering Women Network.

Who I Am

In the past, I’ve been described many different ways. As a trainer: fun, engaging, and really knowledgeable about my subject. As a coach: insightful, easygoing, but “nudging” when needed. As a speaker: interesting and thought provoking. As a leader: a quiet, but powerful force. It’s been said I create a safe space for people to be themselves, and yet inspire them to be more than they are. What a great path to be on!

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