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Do you know your E-Factor?

If you don’t, you might be missing out on opportunities to lay the foundation for a success plan for your life. It could allow you to tap into the Energy of Success, eliminate or minimize the real causes of stress, and become energetic, engaged, and capable of creating amazing accomplishments.

What is it, and how does it work?

Your E-Factor is a measurement of your level of engagement, awareness, and ability to lead yourself and others. It comes from an assessment developed by iPEC Coaching: the Energy Leadership Index (ELI), which helps you see how you use and manage energy (including emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical.)

For many of us, it can be a real eye-opener! Throughout the day, we all go through a variety of thoughts, emotions, and experiences that run the gamut from negative to positive energy. But, most of us aren’t very conscious of just how much energy we have going where, nor how much it affects what we do. ELI can give us that consciousness, which serves as a springboard for action plans to more proactively choose where we want that energy to be. So unlike many personality assessments that show you who you are and help you do the best you can with that, the ELI helps you see who you could be, and helps you realize that potential.

Our energetic makeup doesn’t affect lots of things—it affects everything!

It has an impact on our relationships, communications, productivity, leadership, finances, stress level, freedom, creativity, excitement, and overall satisfaction, to name a few. And, these factors are all direct contributors to the amount of success we have in our endeavors. All good reasons to find out your E-Factor!

Energy Leadership Development Options

  • ELI Self Assessment and Debrief w/Accredited EL Coach
  • 360 Assessment and Debrief
  • Energy Leadership Development System Kit (12 segment self study program)
  • Group Debrief and Planning Seminar

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