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The challenges are complex—the solutions don’t have to be.

Today’s business world is not getting any simpler.  Competition, globalization, and rapid change are all leading to more and more challenges and frustrations.  But the core solution has always been the same:  a workforce of thinkers and doers who are skilled,  productive, inspired, and motivated.  Mosaic Path can help build that workforce by focusing on the basic elements of workplace performance.  We call them the Stepping Stones to Success.  And, although we focus on core solutions, the methods we use are unique and forward thinking.  We know what it takes to create change—real change—that is transformational and lasts!

Anyone can benefit from this approach, but we specialize in working with individual contributors, up through middle managers, assisting them in laying a foundation for effective performance by planning and executing improvements in how they manage themselves and their careers.  Not only do they contribute more to their organization, but they feel inspired and fulfilled to be using their talents in an even bigger way.

Let us help you build your path—one step at a time!

“Harriet was always there and met her commitments.  She helped me analyze specific situations in a very objective way which made them easier to diffuse.  I would definitely recommend her to colleagues.”
--2005 corporate coaching client

  • Self Leadership: the use of organizational and personal energy; self mentoring, taking ownership and guidance of career growth, self awareness, and managing burnout
  • Leadership of Others: being influential and making a mark--bringing out the best in others; and if applicable, hiring, coaching and appraising others effectively
  • Communication: being seen, heard, and understood using verbal, written and public speaking effectively
  • Relationship Building: having relationships at work that are relationships that work!
  • Innovation: using both sides of the brain to make something out of nothing, or something better out of what's there
  • Strategic Thinking and Planning: getting goals in addition to just setting goals
  • Time and Resources: juggling, managing, scheduling, organizing, and working with what you've got--and what you haven't got!
  • Change Management: living through the changes that happen to you, and creating the changes you want to happen

  • Individual Coaching
  • Group or team coaching
  • Assessments
  • Virtual seminars
  • Self study workbooks
  • Training design and delivery from Lunch 'N Learns up through multi day workshops and retreats.
  • Facilitation for your internal training programs
  • Public Speaking for associations, clubs, and groups

“When asked to comment on my experience with her as a trainer, I couldn't wait to reply. Not often do you meet someone you relate to so quickly. From the very beginning, I could tell that Harriet was a people person who deeply understood what I needed during those times when everything seemed so new and overwhelming. With her confidence and patience, she was able to communicate those important elements of the training with relative ease, making my confidence and assurance soar. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about their career and future. ”
--2007 workshop participant

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