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Harriet Di Cerbo


What would it feel like…if you found yourself firmly on a career path to success?

How far could your company get…if everyone’s talents were fully unleashed?

Can you imagine yourself down the road…with a thriving business of your very own?

If any of these destinations is of interest to you, you’ve got your eye on success.  You can already picture it and are ready to make it happen.  But, are you headed in the right direction?

Mosaic Path is a company that helps individuals, corporations, and small businesses get on the right path.  With customized coaching and training solutions, we show you ways to bring all the necessary pieces together to build the road to get you where you want to go.

For corporations and the people who work in them:

Whether you're in charge of your company's employee development plan, or you're an individual taking charge of your own future, we've got solutions for you!

In corporations big and small, business goals are achieved by uniting the efforts and contributions of many. But performance starts and ends with the individual. The Corporate Path is our unique suite of coaching and training programs that help each individual maximize their talents and play their "A game" consistently. It provides the stepping stones to effective, dynamic performance on the job. For the individual and the company alike, that means more results, more satisfaction, and less stress.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners:

If you are thinking of starting a business, or are in the early stages of one, you don’t have to go it alone.  Our expertise can help you figure it all out.  Running a business takes a wide variety of talents, skills, and knowledge.  Single Steps is our business development program that can help each entrepreneur fill in any gaps in their skill base, as well as build a workable roadmap of how to get a business going—and growing!  With this in place, it doesn’t feel like “work” anymore.  All you feel is confidence and excitement about your business plans.

Whether we're in business for ourselves or in the corporate world, most of us have no shortage of dreams, hopes and plans rattling around in our minds. The challenge is putting them in motion and making them happen. That's what Mosaic Path coaching and training services help people do. Our approach works to join the energy of desires and intentions with the dynamics of choice and action. We help you bring these pieces of Awareness and Action together.

Awareness means understanding your motivation, talents, interests, fears, possible roadblocks, etc., so that you can work with them, or through them as needed. Action is about then breaking goals down into tangible, measurable steps, and building in guideposts to stay accountable.

When you combine these two pieces, it's an unbeatable combination for success! Mosaic Path helps you put those pieces together.



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